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Unlocking the Power of Advocacy

  Why Key Advocacy?

What's an interest group's primary objective? Winning. Attaining your policy agenda. Yet, email blasts and once-per-year fly-ins aren’t enough to accomplish that goal anymore. Policy victories in Washington, DC and state capitals are achieved through quality, not quantity, advocacy that maintains a steady cadence of communication and engagement. The latest advocacy “innovation” is a complete return to its roots: building a highly-trained network of supporters - grasstops, issue ambassadors or key contacts - entrusted to engage their lawmakers and extend the reach of your enterprise. 

Even the nation’s largest interest groups lack the in-house resources and knowledge to fully amass, adequately train, and effectively deploy their advocates in this manner. Yet, turning grassroots into grasstops has never been more vital. Or more effective. 

Key Advocacy stands ready to enable organizations large and small to fully unlock the power of advocacy!

Key Advocacy Founder David Lusk's
appearance as a panelist on the
"Inclusive Innovation Working Group" series hosted by the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI).

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  Key Advocacy Services  

Utilize our expertise for:

Key Contacts:
Identification & Development

You’ve built a list of advocates, thousands strong. You’ve learned about their legislator relationships, advocacy experience and preferred engagement tactics. How do you find the best candidates to represent your cause? We'll use proven methods to identify and develop the best candidates to go from grassroots to grasstops.

Federal & State

Advocacy Days

We can provide content for your annual legislative day or conduct introductory, intermediate or advanced advocacy training courses fully customized to your issues and your supporters' level of advocacy experience.

Program Auditing
& Metrics

How are you defining successful advocacy? Does the C-Suite see how investing in grasstops aids in member retention, growth and engagement? Are you tracking performance metrics that keep grassroots and grasstops advocates engaged and motivated year-round? We'll guide you on innovative ways for program auditing and measuring results.

Training &


In e-advocacy, quality eclipses quantity. That's even more applicable to training advocates. Webinars simultaneously offered to hundreds of attendees from dozens of interest groups don't produce confident, persuasive supporters. Adding your logo to a pre-existing slide deck isn't customized training. We'll tailor courses to your industry's issues, according to the proficiency of your advocates. From an introductory session to a multi-part, “Advocacy Academy," our training and certification programs are always interactive and lead your advocates up the advocacy involvement staircase to produce the most confident, capable and convincing supporters for your cause.



New advocate handbooks. In-district engagement toolkits. Instructional manuals for hosting a site visit. These and other action guides and videos provide educational roadmaps that enable advocates to skillfully navigate through any action request. 

Grassroots Advocacy


Does your messaging compel legislators and advocates to action? Are your advocacy campaigns really providing adequate guidance to stakeholders? Do you have the time or know-how to maximize your online advocacy system's features? We can improve every level of your campaign, or even administer your online advocacy system.


"We return time and again to David. His front-line experience leverages the most effective techniques for advocacy programs while also having a knack for motivating our advocates to be active beyond just a Capitol Hill Visit Day."
– Eric Storey, Director of Grassroots & Digital Advocacy, American Bar Association
& Former Executive Director, Grassroots Professional Network


Who We Are

David Lusk

David M. Lusk, Founder
Key Advocacy

David Lusk is the Founder of Key Advocacy. With over 20 years of policy experience, David specializes in
developing nationwide grassroots and grasstops programs for associations, nonprofits and corporations.
Since 2010, David has provided customized training to more than 7,500 association members, nonprofit
volunteers and C-Suite executives for Capitol Hill Visit Days and advocacy-365 programs.

David trained advocates who have testified before the US House Subcommittee on Workforce Protections,
before US Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez and the Pennsylvania Alzheimer’s Disease Planning Committee.
(David himself also testified during an intake session of the Disease Planning Committee as his own mother
was losing her battle with Alzheimer’s.)

Our clients include:

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Among are strategic partners are:

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After establishing a strong client relationship for several years, David was hired by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) in 2010 as a direct employee to launch, implement, and oversee their key contact program, known as the SHRM Advocacy Team. Within three years, SHRM’s Advocacy Team deployed over 250 Advocacy Captains and was over 1,300 HR Advocate members strong. His program was recognized by National Journal as one of the top five issue ambassador programs by August 2013.

Because of the legislative and engagement successes his programs achieved, David is considered a knowledge leader in advocacy best practices and developing advanced advocacy programs. He has presented hundreds of speeches on the importance of getting involved in the policy process and training sessions on advocacy best practices at annual and legislative conferences for dozens of national, state and local associations, nonprofits and professional societies.

David graduated from Brown University with degrees in both Public Policy and Business Economics. He currently serves on the American Society of Association Executives’ (ASAE) Government Relations and Advocacy Professionals Advisory Council (GRAPAC) and co-chairs the GRAPAC's Education Committee.

From 2013 to 2015, David directed the Alzheimer’s Association’s Ambassador Program. He expanded the system to engage with all 535 members of the US House and Senate, and implemented Alzheimer’s Congressional Teams - support networks for each volunteer Ambassador. During this time, Congress appropriated record-level funding increases toward Alzheimer’s care, support and research.

"David’s demonstrated success running and advising advocacy programs makes him an entertaining and effective speaker. Our advocates really welcomed David’s session, and he was the perfect addition to our programming."
– Joe Franco, Vice President, Grassroots, LeadingAge & President, The Advocacy Association


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